Diagnosing a Slab Leak in your Home

Slab leaks can be very destructive, and they often go on for a long time before they are noticed. The trick is learning the symptoms of a slab leak, because knowing what to look for will help you react quickly to reduce property damage to your home.

Learning the Symptoms of a Slab Leak
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#1: Water on the Floors

If you have visible leaking water or water pooling on floors, you may be dealing with a slab leak. The amount of water will depend on the size of the leak. Small openings in the pipe will let less water escape with a small trickle, but a large hole or crack can create a large puddle on the floor.

Even if the amount of water seems small, this does not mean that the slab leak is not serious. Even a small amount of standing water in the home can cause serious damage, particularly if it remains untreated. You should also consider the part of the leak that is hidden, not just the visible symptoms, as a small amount of water may be part of a large quantity behind your walls or under your floors.


#2: High Water Bills

It is very important to keep track of your water bills and look for unexplained fluctuations. If your bill has gone up for no reason, this may be a sign of leaks. Your bill may rise steadily from a smaller leak, or it may skyrocket due to a large leak.

If your plumbing is old, you may have leaks in several places, and the water will not go away on its own. Allow Inland Empire Plumbing to evaluate the problem and determine if you need to fix a slab leak.

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#3: Hot Spots on the Floor

A hot spot on the floor may indicate water leaking beneath the floor. Slab leaks can generate warm spots, depending on the pipe that is leaking. If you feel any unexplained changes in the temperature of your floor, it may be time to call a professional slab leak plumber.

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#4: Thriving Mold

Mold loves leaking water in dark places. If you have mold, moisture or an aroma of mildew, it may indicate a problem somewhere in your plumbing system. A professional water leak inspection is the best way to determine if you have a hidden slab leak.

Remember that you do not need to see any water in your home to have a slab leak. Water may be pooling under or inside of your foundation, where it can spend years causing structural damage. Contact Inland Empire Plumbing immediately if you suspect a leak so we can get to the bottom of the problem and avoid unnecessary damage and expense!

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