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If you own your home, it is essential to understand how slab leaks are detected. Slab leaks are one of the most dreaded problems in a home, as water damage can become very extensive and cost thousands to fix. Early slab leak detection is by far the best way to lower the cost of repairs to your home while avoiding damage to your home's structural integrity and most property damage.

Early Slab Leak Detection
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While slab leaks can go on for some time unnoticed, there are several signs that indicate you have a hidden leak. The first sign is unexplained water in places that should not have moisture, such as on top of the floors. Slab leaks may also occur along sewer lines or incoming water lines into and out of your home, which may be located in the foundation. Our experienced plumbers will quickly pinpoint the leak and determine the best slab leak repair that will keep your home safe.

While these are obvious signs of a leak, there are other indicators to watch for. Visible water or damage usually means the problem has become serious, as the plumbing is concealed within your concrete slab. An easy way to find a slab leak is walking barefoot on flooring and feeling for warm spots.

Leaks may also cause cracks in your flooring or walls, even if the area is dry with no signs of moisture. Homeowners who notice cracks should have the area checked by a plumber before attempting repairs such as replacing flooring or painting, as allowing a leak to go uncorrected will cause the problem to return -- and worse.

A home with a slab leak may also have mildew, as moisture allows mold to grow quickly. This can cause structural damage or allow your home to become hazardous to your health!

Many homeowners notice a slab leak when they find their water bill has started to climb for no reason. Even a pinhole leak will allow water to escape constantly, doing damage to the home and raising the utility bill. If your water bill has skyrocketed or crept upwards with no known cause, it is time to call in an expert.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak


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Fixing a leak in your slab foundation is serious business, and no time to call in an inexperienced plumber who will likely cause extensive damage to your flooring, or fail to fix the problem the first time.

Inland Empire Plumbing has the expertise and technology necessary to make sure the job is done quickly and done well -- the first time. We fix slab leaks to help you make overpriced water bills and damage to your home a thing of the past!

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